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 Review of Tim Feehan's 'Carmalita'

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Review of Tim Feehan's 'Carmalita' Empty
PostSubject: Review of Tim Feehan's 'Carmalita'   Review of Tim Feehan's 'Carmalita' Icon_minitimeSat Feb 12, 2011 2:28 pm

Review of Tim Feehan's 'Carmalita'
Tim's 2nd solo album, following on from "Sneak Preview". The last album before the more rock orientated years rolled in. Released originally in 1983, then re-released in 2002. I own both editions.

First impressions:

Hot off of the heels of Tim's 1990 album, Full Contact, which was my first exposure to Tim's work, I found a copy of "Carmalita" (in a flea market nonetheless) and was at first suprised by the differences between that and "Full Contact" but after a couple of listens fell in love with its sound, feel and the pure intensity of the vocal ability which sadly remains unknown to most.

Anyway, My thoughts:

The opening track, reminds me of "Look Before You Leap" from Full Contact. It is awesome with a capital A. Very well polished, If someone were to only read the lyrics within the albums booklet without having a listen they wouldn't be too out of line to say some of the lyrics would *seem* cheesy;

"Are you lonely tonight?
Working on the spotlight.."

But the intensity of Tim's voice really shines through, pulling everything off perfectly and without fault. The arrangement is truly excellent and cannot be faulted whatsoever. It is probably the most melodic track on the whole album, some subtle hints of guitar, both electric & acoustic. Tim's vocal ability cannot be praised enough, on this track it really takes center stage. 10/10.

Really a beautiful and uplifting track, for some reason it reminds me of a "Coming of Age" film, like 'St. Elmos Fire'. Again, like the opening track has hints of "Look Before You Leap". We start off with a very slow tempo then as each time the chorus plays we are introduced to a far faster keyboard piece. The bridge between the two however isn't as well done as it could be; The Keyboard piece doesn't fade out as much as almost stop abruptly with only Tim's voice to carry us through. Theres a lovely Sax solo which bridges the gap about 1/2 or 3/4 way through and does it far better than what was used originally! 9/10

"But Go Slow, She can do things to you you don't know,
She creates desire in your soul, she can make the fire in you glow"

Wrong number

A true STAND-OUT track, far more rock orientated than the previous two and utterly brilliant. Great use of Guitar and Base, yet intermingled with some of the keyboard pieces which are used throughout the album. Great lyrics, some of the best on the album and some of the best within Tim's whole career actually. Really is a complete opposite to the previous two songs in regard to its lyrics. Here they are very blunt and very definite. I absolutely LOVE this track, gets played in my car regularly and is the no.1 most played track on my MP3 player. 10/10

"I'd like to set her up for robbery, the girl has stole my heart from me, and boy, did I get a wrong number, shes got control of me....."


Very sad song, slow paced. Again, completely different from the first three tracks lyrics-wise. In a sad way, its really quite beautiful. Beautifully arranged , beautifully sung, beautifully played. I do feel really for the person this song was intended for, if anyone. Its a tale of sadness, the unwanted and untold suffering of a social recluse. Among all the sadness and hurt, theres a glimmer of hope. 10/10

"She always dreamed shes a girl in a movie, in a faraway land. Its just a fantasy but its a whole lot better than nothing at all.
Here comes another Friday -- sitting by the phone, just like any other night its just one more weekend she'l spend alone"

Bad Sister

Really don't know what to make out of it. VERY rock orientated. Honestly, not one of my favorites here but it wasn't written fully by Feehan. Some of the rhyming seems to be almost tacked on in places. 6.5/10

"Bad Sister, She'l get a hold on you. Bad Sister, theres nothing she won't do"

Over And Over

Its good. A solid performance if not as individual as most of the rest of the album. The best part of this is Tim's voice. This was co-written by the same chap who co-wrote "Bad Sister", Its a typical sort of love song but quite repetitive. Always seems as if its going somewhere, but ends up well, nowhere. Middle of the road track. 6.5/10

"Now, We're alone and I'm holding you close. Will you tell me, tell me just once that you will love me forever"

"Take Her By Suprise"

Brilliant, Absolutely fantastic. A great build-up leading up the chorus everytime. Piano throughout complemented perfectly in places by some awesome guitar riffs. There is some repetitiveness but its perfectly placed and only really adds to the song. A well placed guitar solo towards the end sets the pace for the last minute of the song. 8.5/10

"Take her by suprise, Take her hand and kiss her lips tonight, she'l forget the hurt she knew, she'l remember loving you"

Wait One More Day

Starts off a bit like an R&B track (Can't understand why), then thats driven back by a single strong swipe of the electric guitar after a moment the pace livens up muchly. There are parts of this which remind me of Tim's later hit song, "Where's The Fire (which was used on "The Wraith" OST) Overall, Its nothing to write home about. Its okay. Seems like filler to me. 6/10

"I think I'l teach that punk to mess around, with me....Not with me, he won't mess around"

Never Say Die
- Duet with Vickie Moss

Beautiful song, another stand-out track. Should've been used on 1983's unofficial James Bond film, "Never say never". Better than the steaming turd they actually used!
I really wish Tim & Vickie did more than just this one song because they really are a perfect partnership, their vocal styles complement each other perfectly. Beautiful songwriting, beautifully performed and arranged brilliantly. Piano used throughout to great effect. It really is the perfect duet. 10/10
"...And when I am lost you will always see me through and I've got a light that will always shine for you, and we'll never, never say die"

Sadie J
And sadly this is the final track, however it is abolutely AWESOME. This song sums up the 1980's for me, embodies what is great about this genre and especially Tim Feehan. His voice has never sounded better and was NEVER used to greater effect than here in this track. Strong Piano adds to the great buildup to the chorus. Possibly my favorite song, ever. 10/10

For an excerpt from the lyrics, read my sig ;-)

Overall, HIGHLY recommended.


Read more: http://www.musicbanter.com/album-reviews/31119-review-tim-feehans-carmalita-lyrics-punk-rock-favorite-song.html#ixzz1DisFF283
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Review of Tim Feehan's 'Carmalita'
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