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  The Realm Of Soft Delusions

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PostSubject: The Realm Of Soft Delusions    Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:42 am

The Smashing Pumpkins are one of the most popular and well known bands of the 90s, and for good reason. Their sound was constantly changing and evolving. One moment, they'll sound like a Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath hybrid and the next moment they'll sound like Cheap Trick. Their lead singer, Billy Corgan, was the lead contributor to the band.

Around 1988 Billy Corgan broke up with his band, The Marked and returned from Florida to his hometown of Chicago. While working at a record store he met guitarist James Iha, and the two began writing songs together with the aid of a drum machine. After Corgan went to see a concert, he met bassist D'arcy Wretzky and had an argument with her about the band that played. After D'arcy mentioned that she played bass guitar, Corgan told her he needed a bassist for his band and gave her his telephone number. D'arcy soon joined the band. Later, Corgan recruited drummer Jimmy Chamberlin due to a recommendation from a friend, and so The Smashing Pumpkins were born.

I plan to do these reviews chronologically starting with 'Gish.'
[URL="http://www.musicbanter.com/album-reviews/51229-realm-soft-delusions-smashing-pumpkins-discography-reviewed.html#5"]Gish[/URL] - 8.2
[URL="http://www.musicbanter.com/album-reviews/51229-realm-soft-delusions-smashing-pumpkins-discography-reviewed-3.html#25"]Siamese Dream[/URL] - 9.3

[URL="http://www.musicbanter.com/album-reviews/51229-realm-soft-delusions-smashing-pumpkins-discography-reviewed-4.html#33"]Pisces Iscariot[/URL] - 7.0

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The Realm Of Soft Delusions
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