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 This Woman's Work : Kate Bush Reviewed

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This Woman's Work : Kate Bush Reviewed Empty
PostSubject: This Woman's Work : Kate Bush Reviewed   This Woman's Work : Kate Bush Reviewed Icon_minitimeFri Jan 07, 2011 6:24 am

[SIZE="6"]This Woman's Work : Kate Bush Reviewed[/SIZE]

This Woman's Work : Kate Bush Reviewed Katebush

My parents would listen to Kate Bush when I was a kid, but my own my deep and personal interest in Kate (only) stretches back about ten years to when I rediscovered those beautiful songs from my own childhood. When I was reacquainted with the young Kate from her debut and saw her videos, I did not initially know what to feel or think. I was in a state of total confusion! Was her voice squeaky or beautiful? When she danced, was she graceful or clumsy? And what's up with all those funny faces? The impressions had left me completely hypnotized and not long after the initial confusion, I fell in love and have been to varying degree ever since. She is beyond any doubt my favourite female artist of all time. However, that doesn't mean I love all her artistic output, so don't come into this thread thinking that this will all be one-sided praise of her work!

For the young people here who don't know her, Kate Bush is an iconic artist and often regarded as the queen of the alternative arty female musicians like Björk or Joanna Newsom. When she first emerged in the late 70s with her hit song Wuthering Heights, her fame was instantaneous. At first, she was generally thought to be a seductive pop princess, but over the course of her musical career, she has proven time and time again that she was and still is so much more. Still, just exactly what she is is a puzzle to many and her extreme shyness from the media only perpetuates the mystery. The most pleasant way to unravel some of it is to look closer at her work. Over the course of her career, she has released 8 albums, each of which is a glimpze into the world and ambitions of Kate Bush.

In this thread, I will review all of her albums and try to relate them somewhat to what was going on in Kate's life around the time of creation. I will try not to go overboard on the information, but keep each entry a light read. Each write-up will consist of three posts, one introduction about Kate's life and her work, one for the album review and one showcasing pictures and what I think are some of the highlights from that album. Hopefully, I can help more people discover this amazing artist.

I will keep an index here in the first post with clickable links!

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This Woman's Work : Kate Bush Reviewed
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