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 Starcraft - PC

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PostSubject: Starcraft - PC   Starcraft - PC Icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 7:27 am

Starcraft (Brood War) - PC

(released 1998)

Genre: Real Time Strategy (RTS)

Starcraft is a widely popular and critically acclaimed RTS developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It still stands as one of the greatest and most balanced RTS games ever made. The most prominent and complete version of the game is on PC, however there was a version made for the Nintendo 64 in 2000, but it is seen as greatly inferior to the PC version. To this day people around the world (although mostly in Asia) play Starcraft over the internet competitively and new maps are still made, even though the technically and graphically superior Warcraft 3 was released in 2002.

Starcraft puts you in charge of 1 out of 3 races; The Protoss, the Zerg or the Terran. The Protoss are long headed alien beings who are highly advanced in terms of technology and evolution. The Terran are the human race of the game, and are stuck in the middle of the Zerg and the Protoss's struggle. The Zerg are another alien species that are insectoid in appearance and are highly primitive when compared to the technology of the Protoss and the Terran. The balance when playing these three completely different races is astonishing. Every unit can be countered by another of a opposing faction, so in the end there is no cheap tactics; it all comes down to pure skill. The game features a well made single player Campaign packed full with story, cool characters and well made cinematic cut scenes. Once you finish the campaign, you can hop onto multiplayer for your choice of use map settings, melee or team battles with people over the globe. Although the UI is severely dated the gameplay still holds its own against newer Real Time Strategy games.

The graphic style is great, with well detailed units and unit portraits, while they visuals are a little dated, its definitely better then a lot of other games released around the same time. The only real problem with the visuals would be the badly outdated User Interface, which has at most 3 colors, and just doesn't look good at all.

The sound, along with the gameplay, has remained great to this day. Good voice acting, spot on effects and well themed music make playing Starcraft great when not accompanied by Megadeth or Slayer being pumped out of Windows Media Player.

Overall, Starcraft and its expansion Brood War remain one of the penultimate real time strategy games of all time, and if you're into RTS games and don't have this game, go out and get it, its only cheap, and it really is still a bargain for what you're getting.

Score: 9.5/10[/SIZE]

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Starcraft - PC
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