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 Metroid Prime 3 Corruption - Nintendo Wii

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PostSubject: Metroid Prime 3 Corruption - Nintendo Wii   Mon Jan 03, 2011 7:23 am

Foreword: Sorry I've taken a while with posting new reviews as of late, I've been busy working. Hopefully I can make it up with this review.

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption - Nintendo Wii (released 4th quarter 2007)

Genre: First Person Shooter Action Adventure

Metroid Prime 3 is one of the reasons I bought a Nintendo Wii . When the game was nearing completion, and then was set to be released, I was bewildered by an apparent lack of promotion and marketing on Nintendo's part. Thankfully, the game is excellent; unlike the marketing used for it.

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption is the final chapter of the Metroid Prime series, and it plays like a dream. You are (of course) Samus Aran, the famed bounty hunter; who fights the Space Pirates. This is the first Metroid game with full Voice acting, and it is really something. Not once have I heard a character that didn't feel right, which is a pretty big feat as this is their (Nintendo) first attempt at full Voice work in a flagship title.

The game starts off on the flagship Olympus, where you learn the fundamentals of the new control system in a well designed opening tutorial. Soon you find yourself under attack by the Space Pirates, and you are forced to fight and work your way back to your ship. As in other Metroid games, your ship acts as a safe point, where you can save your game and stock up on health and weapons. This time however , you can enter the cockpit of your ship, and actually pick where you want to fly next, or input information in a very cool interactive way using the Wii remote.

The controls are one of the best parts of the game, you aim with the Wii remote by pointing it on screen and shoot by pressing either a or b (you can change it). This is one of the first Wii games that I've played that actually feels like it was designed especially for the Wii. The button mapping is just perfect, and the context sensitive moments in the game have a wow factor, and are responsive and not gimmicky in the slightest.

As I mentioned before, the voice acting is excellent, but what about the sound effects and music? Don't fret, Nintendo have all bases covered. The music is one of the greatest video game scores I've heard in the past year, and the sound effects in general are on par with the excellent standards set by the music and Voice work in the game.

The graphics are impressive, the art work is beautiful, and you can really tell that Retro Studios took their time in designing full, luscious looking worlds. Never in a first person shooter have I played levels that looked so nice and were so well conceived. Samus looks great, and all enemy models are well designed. Although the overall look of the game seems only slightly changed from Metroid Prime 2, albeit in a higher res, I think the developer made a good decision by not trying to overhaul something that already worked. The graphics are overall some of the best you will see on Wii, second to only Super Mario Galaxy.

Overall Metroid Prime 3 Corruption is a must by for anyone serious gamer that owns a Wii, it is a flagship title of Nintendo, and you would be sorry to miss it. Buy this game.

Score: 9.5/10

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Metroid Prime 3 Corruption - Nintendo Wii
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