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 Perfect Dark - Nintendo 64

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PostSubject: Perfect Dark - Nintendo 64   Perfect Dark - Nintendo 64 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 7:12 am

Perfect Dark - Nintendo 64 (Released 2000)

Perfect Dark is the sequel to one of the best shooters"Goldeneye", which means that this game should be an excellent game in which it is. Perfect Dark is a whole new game if you ask me with the same mechanics. This game is about an agent named Joanna Dark as she takes on a breed of aliens called the Skedar along with trying to unfoil the conspiracy with rival corporation dataDyne. Perfect Dark seems to be more complex that Goldeneye and even the guns have more to them, such as the laptop gun which can be also a turret gun. The one thing about the campaign mode for this game is that you don't have to do it alone, because you can either have an AI or a friend to help you through the game. The single and co-op campaign do not interupt ones progress for instance, say if you are on the last level on single player it doesn't mean if you play co-op you will be where you last left off in single player campaign. You will have to start from scratch pretty much. The game is more difficult than Goldeneye with the fact that enemies have shields and can be smarter at times. The difficulty settings are agent, special agent, and perfect agent.

The gameplay is on the same level of Goldeneye if you have played that game then you will understand Perfect Dark, but for those who haven't then to let you know it's not as simple as the other Nintendo 64 games. The guns for this game are insane because they all have a secondary function which adds more to the game. One gun on the game is like the Golden gun but more advanced which is called the Farsight. The Farsight is Perfect Dark's Golden gun because it kills enemies with one shot, but not only does it do that it shoots through walls. The Farsights secondary function acts like a Homing device as it will find a target from any part of the level by using x-ray vision and all you have to do is shoot and they're eliminated.

Multiplayer, again, is where this game excels with many maps to choose from there are other things multiplayer has to offer. There are challenges that needed to be completed and they get harder as you climb your way up. When completing challenges you can unlock weapons and more maps to play on. There are plenty of modes to choose from such as the basic free-for-all death match onto capture the case or even hold the case. Multiplayer isn't called just multiplayer on Perfect Dark they refer it as the combat simulator. This whole mode can be customized from how the game is played to what weapons will appear while playing. Choosing which slot the weapon goes in will determine where it will appear on the map. This game supports up to 4 players, but what if you don't have any friends over? Well you can add AI bots. This game allows up to 8 AI bots and you can also customize them. You can choose their difficutly along with their personality, and choosing both will determine how the AI bot plays rather it be aggressive, smart, they may move faster, have more shielding, and etc. The other thing you can do is customize what your characater looks like from head to body. This game is good at keep statistics as it records wins, losses, accuracy, hours played, and show how many times you won a certain medal. The medals are earned from having head shorts, great accuracy, and so forth. The maps on here are a lot bigger than ones found on Goldeneye, and you will even see a few levels from Goldeneye such as the Facility which is upgraded to where you can climb into the bathroom vents & more, the Complex which is also an upgraded to where you can climb up certain places, and the Temple which just looks different.

This game is crazy when you think about it. This game has everything shooters have today and it was released 8 years ago. A lot of games don't even have AI bots to play with and don't have maximum customization like this game does. I love Goldeneye, but this game is Goldeneye and more with a different storyline.

[SIZE="4"]Score: 10/10[/SIZE]

Perfect Dark - Nintendo 64 Perfectdark64

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Perfect Dark - Nintendo 64 Darksn1

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Perfect Dark - Nintendo 64
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