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 Condemned 2 BLOODSHOT

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PostSubject: Condemned 2 BLOODSHOT   Condemned 2 BLOODSHOT Icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 7:12 am

Have you played the first one yet???? if not go out and buy it from some bargain bucket now.... well go on I will wait..... got it??? good... now play it..... all finished???... not bad was it.... yes yes I know it was scary in places... yep the basement things are very scary I know... OK now we are ready to continue.

The story is a simple one... you (a special agent) have fallen from grace and now live inside a bottle of booze. Your last case kinda freaked you out somewhat and you have yet to be unfreaked.
Your old enemy has returned to wreak havoc on the city and you. The agency pull you back in to help with the gruesome case.. and then the story continues.

Graphically this game is awesome, if a little dark. The sound is fantastic and requires serious volume to set the scene.
This is a dark scary game... scary in the traditional BOO sense and in a dark undertone kinda 'can people really do that sort of stuff to other people' way.

Nasty horrible zombiesque things roam about, evil clowns are here too as well as dark nasty things that used to dwell in basements (see above).

OK example.. you find numerous drug cabinets in washrooms and these normally contain health packs... you enter a washroom find the mirror doored cabinets open up take the health shut mirrored door and in the reflection is you and an evil thing creeping up on you!!! not only a BOO factor but a major classic horror scene... also there is one bit where a room has a mannequin and.... tell you what I won't spoil it for you but suffice to say it was a VERY creepy moment indeed.

I have not finished the game yet but can tell you that it is creepy and scary and bloody great fun to play... a bit dark in places and a little hint... remember everything as you will be tested later. When each mission is completed you are assessed and given a bronze silver or gold score... you also get power ups and stuff to assist you on the next mission. These are extra slots to carry weapons or batteries (used in the stun gun), sneak boots and so on.

All in all this is a great game indeed. I do suggest that you do not play this in front of younger gamers though as some of the scenes and evil things are nightmare inducing.



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Condemned 2 BLOODSHOT
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