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  Drawn to Life - DS

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PostSubject: Drawn to Life - DS     Drawn to Life - DS  Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 7:26 pm

[SIZE="5"]Bionic Commando Re-armed[/SIZE]

 Drawn to Life - DS  Bionic-commando-rearmed-logo-1

This is a remake of a well known NES game called “Bionic Commando” I liked the original but this remake was ****ing awesome, first of all its almost the same game, the levels are the same it’s a remake which stands by its title.

This game has plot, and a good one I might say, but I am not going to spoil it, you have a Duke Nukem looking guy and you with your partner a helicopter driver. You are this famous bionic guy, you have a strange looking grappling arm and you can hold guns like shotgun and rifles with one hand (hmmmm?) so anyway your mission is to rescue a soldier.

 Drawn to Life - DS  Bionic%20commando%20rearmed%20dtoid%20013-550x

The controls as I remember are the same, in this game you have no jump and it’s a plat former game (wtf?) but instead of jump you have your hook, when you play Crash and there is a tiny jump in front of you its just one button to pass it, well in this game you have to fall turn around use the hook do some tarzan moves and you have pass the pitfall. This game is easy if you play it on normal but if you dare to play it on hard or super hard then it’s a real challenge, first the bosses change not only you die with 3 hits but the bosses has more life and more moves, the monsters duplicate and have more life as well. But no if you still finish it on super hard there is more there are achievements and metals and training mode you have to pass to finish it 100% and there are secrets in each level (I think 2) and if you finish all that you still have more to do, you still need to discover everything in this game, locations, monsters, weapons, upgrades etc. as you can see capcom took the risk to release a game so difficult and a remake of an old NES game in our generation of gaming where everything is easy and everything is based on good graphics, and they succeeded it they made a true old school game.

 Drawn to Life - DS  Bionic-commando-rearmed-20080502113849889

The reason I write this review, is the sequel to this game which will come out in the near future this time 3d and a new guy I wish they will not screw it up.

Well some bad point:
1) No cinematics and no voice acting I know its remake but since they put plot they could use voice acting and cinematics.
2) Some achievements are ****ing impossible (just play it)
3) You never have sex with the helicopter driver.
4) And she dies (oups spoiler)


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Drawn to Life - DS
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