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 Mario Party 3 - N64

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PostSubject: Mario Party 3 - N64   Mario Party 3 - N64 Icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 9:30 pm

Mario Party 3 - N64 - 2001

Mario Party 3 - N64 Marioparty3

A couple of months ago I reviewed possibly one of the most inventive games of its time, Mario Party. A Mario spin-off where players must play on a board game ad play mini-games to earn stars and coins. Now the series didn’t end off so quickly as it’s still going on today with its most recent title ‘Mario Party DS’. But the series never got better from the originals, except from Mario Party 5, so now I present to you my review of my favourite Mario Party, Mario Party 3.

And to help me review the game I have my good Mario Party obsessed friend, Mario Party Man!

MPM: Good to be helping you, Raw
Raw: Thank you
MPM: Wait why is my name ‘MPM‘? Why not ‘Mario Party Man’?
Raw: Umm, because it’s a waste of typing time
MPM: So my title is a waste of time to you?!?!?!
Raw:… Yes?
MPM: Heartless bitch
Raw: Look you wanted to help me review this game. So just stop being a whiney little faggot.
MPM: No, you wanted me to help you
Raw: Look, it took me ages to type the introduction because I had to type Mario Party a lot
MPM: Oh, I’m a whiney faggot, you say?
Raw: Ugh, fine
Mario Party Man: Thank you.
Raw: Now as I said before Mario Party 3 is my favourite Mario Party title
Mario Party Man: Well, I think that all the Mario Party titles are great
Raw: Really, I wouldn’t of guessed…
Mario Party Man: Really? You didn’t think that my title gave that away?
Raw: It’s called sarcasm dickweed.
Dickweed: Who you calling Dick- Oh that’s just really immature
Raw: We haven’t gotten into any detail of the game, we could be here for a while.

Mario Party 3 - N64 Marioparty3

Dickweed: I’ll be happy to start a topic about Mario Party 3-
Raw: Besides saying it’s the best game you’ve played?
Dickweed: YES! Now stop interrupting me! Now what this title introduced was new characters.
Raw: Which aren’t as farfetched as the current ‘new characters’
Dickweed: What do you mean be that?
Raw: Think about the new characters in Mario Party 8, DRY BONES and BLOOPER. The most under-used enemies in Super Mario Bros. I’m surprised Goomba hasn’t had a time to shine, ever.
Dickweed: We’re not even talking about Mario Party 3 anymore
Raw: Now you get it. The 2 new characters in this game was Waluigi, Luigi’s answer to Mario and Wario, and Daisy, A ginger bitch who needs to STFU.
Dickweed: What do you mean by that?
Raw: Well, it’s not like her voice is a delight to listen to
Dickweed: I guess that’s true.
Raw: But here’s the thing with the new characters, they make no difference to anyone else at all.
Dickweed: That’s not true
Raw: It isn’t?
Dickweed: No, You can’t use Waluigi or Daisy in the story mode

Mario Party 3 - N64 Marioparty3pic5

Raw: Oh yeah. Unlike the original Mario Party there is a story mode where the characters have been sucked into a book version of there world, thanks to this thing called the Millennium Star, which only can be seen every 1000 years, so yeah not a brilliant story but still.
Dickweed: I think it’s a great storyline
Raw: Wow, I didn’t know you like Mario Party THAT much…
Dickweed: Are you being sarcastic again?
BAWBAG: That’s not very nice
Raw: Yeah well what are you going to do?
BAWBAG: Change your name.
Destroyman: To what? Oh, this I can live with.
BAWBAG: What about…
Bonehead: What are you, 5?
BAWBAG: hmm… I know!
sozettaslow:… OH YOU *******!!!!!!!!!
BAWBAG: Teehee
sozettaslow: I can’t believe you would go to this level!
BAWBAG: Look, can you change us back to normal?
Raw: Okay
MPM: Ok, hey now wait a-
Raw: Don’t start

Mario Party 3 - N64 Snapmarioparty3

MPM: Fine, The Millennium Star wants you to collect start stamps-
Raw: Star Stamps?
MPM: Yeah, What about it?
Raw: I don’t know, it just sounds bad
MPM: It doesn’t matter, When you get all the Star Stamps The Millennium Star will grant you the title ‘The Millennium Star’
Raw: Collecting stamps to become a star?
MPM: What? I had to do something quite similar
Raw: Did you have do collect all the Mario Party’s to get the title ‘Mario Party Man’?
MPM: Yes
Raw:… It’s funny that you didn’t hesitate to say that.
MPM: What? Did you think I wasn’t proud of it? And don’t be sarcastic
Raw: No. So, that story sounds like it’s for 5 year old douche bags-
MPM: Boneheads
Raw: Oh right, don’t want to be a bad example for kids.
MPM: Anything else that you want to say on the game?
Raw: Well, It hasn’t changed it’s gameplay in any way. You still play on game boards hunting for stars. You still play mini-games which are all different from the last 2 games. And ugh… I guess that’s it’s
MPM: I guess so… WAIT I KNOW!
Raw: What?
MPM: The Battle Mode
Raw: Oh yeah. The Battle Mode-
MPM: Wait, I want to tell them what it’s like.
Raw: Fine be my guest
MPM: The Battle Mode is a new fun game like the board game styled mode. But In this you must destroy your opponents using ‘Partners’ which deal damage to your opponent depending on who it is. You start off with a partner dependent on who your character is e.g. Mario and Koopa, Luigi and Goomba, Peach and Toad etc. Each partner has different stats to use, but after every turn you must pay a salary to your partner to keep using them, so if a high damage could have a high salary to pay, if you cannot afford to pay, they go away. You’ll get a new partner free when you cross the starting point.
Raw: Wow, that was in no way biased at all.
MPM: Well I’ve learnt something today, You can’t be too biased on your favourite things, there’s still downsides.
Raw: I’m proud of you.
MPM: I think I’ll change my title now
Raw: to what?
sozettaslow: How about this?
Raw: That will get you nowhere
Blink 128 suck: How about this?
Raw: It’s a start. But so true

Well this has been some review. But still, Mario Party 3 is just as inventive as the original, the new stuff actually works and it hasn’t changed a bit in term of gameplay. Although Daisy is here

+ Inventive Like Einstein fused with a Unicorn with 6 arms, 2 heads and ****ting chocolate
+ The New Battle Mode works great
+ Soundtrack’s pretty neat
+ Story modes good, if you’re 5
- Daisy is here

Blink 128 suck: Can I rate this one?
Raw: Sure


Raw: Not a 10?
Blink 128 suck: Nope, I see it’s downsides
Raw: So you’re no longer obsessed with Mario Party
Blink 128 suck: I guess not
Raw:… Are you going to keep the title forever?
Blink 128 suck: It’ll change, But I’m just getting a message across
Raw: I see.

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Mario Party 3 - N64
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