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 Call of Duty: World At War

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PostSubject: Call of Duty: World At War   Call of Duty: World At War Icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 9:29 pm

[SIZE="4"]Call of Duty: World At War - Xbox 360 - (released 2008)[/SIZE]

Call of Duty: World At War is a really hard one to review. It depends on what type of gamer you are to determine if it is a good game. Unlike the others in the Call Of Duty series, this one takes you back to WWII. "War like you've never experienced it before" is what they say on the back of the box.

The graphics on this Call Of Duty are outstanding, and are much better than Call of Duty 4. That said the gameplay, i think, is not terribly good.

The campaign has gotten some new life by the addition of Co-Op campaign. Not only can you run through the single player by yourself, you can play with some mates online or even be matched with a few random people. CoD - World At War

After getting Call Of Duty: World At War, i was hopping between CoD: ModernWarfare and CoD: World At War, unable to decide which one I liked best.
The online play on CoD: World At War is no way near as good as the online of CoD: Modern Warefare or even CoD: 3. The single player, like CoD: 4, has 4 difficulty settings, with the hardest as Veteran. If you play the game thorugh on Veteran it seems somewhat unrealistic and almost too hard. There is a benefit of completing the campaign though. Nazi Zombies.

This had to be the best feature of the game, for a few weeks. I was hooked on the zombie mode. You are stuck in a room which you have to hold. Meanwhile zombies come in waves, and if you run out of ammo, you must buy more with the points you have earnt from killing them and boarding up the windows. With these points you can buy access to other rooms in the building, where more weapons become available, like the flamethrower or the Ray Gun. If a zombie gets you into second chance then your teammates must revive you within around 40 seconds. If you do die, you spawn in the next round, but you need to buy new weapons. The wave system is similar to that of Gears Of War 2's horde mode. The bad thing is, most of the people who got the game on release date (like me) have gotten absolutely sick of Nazi Zombies. It gets to be the most boring thing, and you would definately rather go on Multiplayer.

The multiplayer mode is split into a few sections. "Xbox Live" where you can play with friends over the internet or be matched with randomers. "Split Screen" where you can have up to 4 people on 1 console playing against each other. The game modes in multiplayer are truly amazing. My favorites are Hardcore Search and Destroy & Hardcore Team Deathmatch. Both require skill to win at. There are many more game modes, but these are my favourite. Search and Destroy is where 1 team must take the bomb and plant it at an objective before that team is wiped out by the opposing team. The time limit being 3 minutes. In Hardcore Team Deathmatch, you must work as a team to kill the opposing team as many times as possible, to gain 750 points before them. The time limit on T Deathmatch is 10 minutes.

Overall Call Of Duty: World At War is a really good game, if you like World War games. The singleplayer is so much better than that of CoD: Modern Warfare, but the multiplayer doesn't quite meet that standard.

Call of Duty: World At War CoDWaW
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Call of Duty: World At War
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