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 Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen

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PostSubject: Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen   Thu Dec 30, 2010 3:37 am


Yep, you guessed it... its a movie game and it follows the storyline of the movie... except... the game has ALOT of the story left out, infact the only real thing you learn about the film from the game is the old transformer and what "the fallen" actually is. So the story line isnt all that good and dosent grab you in anyway, but i like the ability to fight with your favourite autobots or decepticons and fly around and shoot stuff, its pretty cool. You get put in this room full of all the autobots (depending what faction you choose) and there is a globe that you select missions from. Complete the mission in a certain time and complete the secondary objectives and you unlock that level to free-roam. Before each mission you get to choose a transformer to play as, most times different characters are locked and you can only be one character. You can be either, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, IronHide and Breakaway. Each character has different abilities which can aid in your style of play. For example, Optimus is great for fighting the big guys up close and IronHide is better at long range shooting and general defense.

No auto aim on this game, which makes it a little challenging, but it would be WAY too easy to complete with auto aim enabled, it does "aid" your aim, but it wont track the enemy. The controls overal are pretty simple, nothing complex and so not much to really talk about. Although i will say the camera tracking seemed a little delayed to me.

Depending on the faction you choose to play as, your enemies will be the other faction. The game haas a number of transformers you will recognise, some of them i didnt but i think i saw them in the film after i completed the game. You have the small guys who dont take much to kill and as with most game, are the most common, then the big slow guys which take a beating and can cause heavy damage. There isnt many types of enemies, its basically those two and then the boss's like megatron, starscream and devestator. Obviously the small guys come in different forms, like cars, trucks, helicopters and planes, so that adds some variety, but each are just as easy to kill in my opinion.

I was impressed, as i am with most games, i saw the potential of the graphics for this game on a 1080p TV in a GAME shop, and it looked awesome, but it still looks pretty sweet on a standard definition tv. The surroundings are destructable with some nice effects and thats always quite cool in a game. Now the cutscenes from the movie... nope, there are none! This game really dosent spoil the movie if you havent seen it yet, ok it gave away a tip that a certain someone doesent die (i hope thats not too big a spoiler) but thats about all, and to be honest i dont feel it spoils the movie at all.

Now i seem to lack interest in games multiplayer capabilities as i havent tried this one out, though i do hear its more fun than the campaign, il update this when i do give it a go.


Not a bad game, i wouldnt buy it (most of you know i dont hehe)... but its worth a rent for a couple nights to have some fun with, you could easily complete the entire game on both factions in 2 days, even 1 day if you have long sessions like Des can. The story is pretty sucky in comparison to the movie and its missing some characters like the twins and the motorbikes. But its a fun game, so that makes up for it along with the good graphics.

Rate: 6/10


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Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen
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