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 Wii Sports Resort - Wii

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PostSubject: Wii Sports Resort - Wii   Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:38 pm

[SIZE="4"]Wii Sports Resort [/SIZE]

As the Wii becomes the most successful console to date its own games are getting more popular and lucrative. Wii Sports Resort is the latest big game to come exclusively to the Wii. Being a sequel to one of the biggest games (Wii sports) Nintendo have ironed out some issues and made it more fun and much longer. It’s not all good though, there are some shocking games but mostly the game is ok. Being one of the most popular titles on the console the sequel will sure to sell. Wii sports will add new games and reinvent games of the previous title, some are fun and some are down right horrible.

There are two things you will instantly recognise when you buy the game. Number one is the addition of ten new games and 2 old ones. Most of them are good with a few bad ones (cycling) and great ones (swordplay). Individually they can be quite linear and samey, as a whole game it can be quite fun at times. The game is quite easy to get the hang of like most Wii games and is very simple like most Wii games. There are some real good games that you will play over and over again and there are some you won’t want to play ever. Most of the twelve are average at best.

Number two is something that’s not actually on the disc but that’s bundled with the game. Wii motion plus is a tiny little square that attaches to the Wii remote and adds much more complex movement and interface with the Wii. It adds so much to the game with so little effort. It can be dodgy at times when it doesn’t move how you would like it too. Also you need more than one unit to play with more players. Some games really shine with motion plus and makes the game great. Some alter the game in a negative way. In general it is a nice bit of kit and can be used with future games, which is a plus.

You will never someone from Nintendo saying “the graphics on the Wii are top notch and no other console can match them” With Wii Sports Resort the graphics department is getting promoted. The graphics on the Wii are much more detailed and well.......shiny than its predecessors. Everything from your character to the crowd in the stand is nothing short of amazing. It’s all still shiny and child like but its still top quality graphics.

In my opinion Nintendo have made a mistake. A mistake? Yes a mistake let me explain. In Wii sports they had 5 games (basketball, tennis, bowling, golf and boxing) all top quality fun games that lasted the test of time. Now you have 12 games all pretty much average or below average. It’s a mistake of quantity over quality, there not all bad though.

Swordplay is probably the most favourite and fun game of the 12. The game takes full advantage of the Wii motion plus using to give full control over the sword. You have three games, duel, speed slash and probably the best showdown. Showdown is Wii equivalent of Gears Of Wars horde mode, where you face hordes of enemies some stronger than others. It has immense replay value and is very fun. As for speed slice it really shows off Wii motion plus. In this game you have to slice objects in certain directions before your opponent does. Duel is a 1v1 match where you must hit you opponent off the edge and where blocking is key. Blocking is a big thing in swordplay and is quite hard to achieve when you’re under pressure.

To the other end of the scale you have cycling. Cycling is not gaming...... its torture, I don’t want to overly criticize this game but it’s so bad. It is simple, it is easy but it’s so boring doing it over and over again. Some other methods of torture are wakeboarding that is too simple and boring and basketball which is heavily unrealistic. These games you probably won’t play ever again.

One game that you will play again is archery. Unlike most Wii games archery is a hard and challenging game and is one of the best games of the twelve. This also uses Wii motion plus to its fullest and it makes it feel comfortable and realistic to aim. The beginner level is hard in itself and the more advance levels really challenge you.

If there’s any game you won’t feel challenged its air sports, air sports have 3 main game modes skydiving, island flyover and dogfight. Island flyover is probably the best of the three, you get the whole island to explore and if you wish you can collect little orbs which have info on the resort (not that anyone cares). Your control of the plane is very simple, you control the plane like you have it actually in your hand a bit like god. Skydiving hasn’t got much point to it and has no replay value at all. It’s a recurring thing that these games have no point to them.

Wii sports resort is a good game with some bad and good games but most of all its fun. It’s the same old bright and child like gameplay and graphics. There wont be anything that will upset people...well maybe cycling.

[SIZE="4"]Gamerscore - 7.5[/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"]Written by[/SIZE] - PieInTheSky

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Wii Sports Resort - Wii
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