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 Limited Edition Ferrari 599 GTO – Harder, Faster, and Very Expensive

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PostSubject: Limited Edition Ferrari 599 GTO – Harder, Faster, and Very Expensive   Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:03 am

Ever since the release of the 458 Italia, the whispers from Maranello and Modena have softened even more. There was speculation of a 458 Scuderia but that just turned out to be rumours with a bunch of renderings loaded to the net. As far as that’s concerned, we’re looking at waiting for perhaps another year before rumours of a hardcore 458 resurface. But here’s news on what’s actually going to happen sometime soon, a hardcore 599 GTB Fiorano.

The name is obviously unknown at this point, but our source is saying that it’s already being called the 599 GTO in honour of the legendary 250 GTO of the 60s. Lending credibility to this information is the pre-order paperwork, apparently the paperwork use the words “Ferrari 599 GTO Limited Edition” in reference to the car.

The new Ferrari is said to be powered by the same V12 engine, but this time it makes between 680hp and 700hp. A lightweight diet of carbon fiber and such has resulted in a body mass decrease of around 45-68kg. The overall look will be inspired by the 599 XX Concept of Geneva 2009.

The car will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show but within the next two months dealers and buyers will be attending a personal presentation to the car in Maranello. It’s believed that first customers will be receiving their GTOs around October 2010.

Rumour has it that only 500 of this modern GTO will ever be built so pricing naturally will be quite steep – up to 20% and 25% more than a stock 599, or a minimum of RM 2 million.

Source - Zerotohundred
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Limited Edition Ferrari 599 GTO – Harder, Faster, and Very Expensive
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