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PostSubject: 避孕药contraceptives   Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:33 am



误解一 避孕药会增加癌症的机率

误解二 避孕药会让人发胖 

误解三 避孕药会降低性欲

误解四 避孕药会增加中风的危险
世界健康协会1996年8月的一份报告指出, 心血管疾病与是否服用避孕药并无任何关系。而1996年7 月《新英国医药新闻》上的研究报告也得出了一样的结论。近两年来还没有见到对上述结论有什么反驳意见。

误解五 你应该在35岁时停止服用避孕药  

误解六 避孕药会降低将来怀孕的机率  

误解七 避孕药会使情绪变坏

误解八 生过小孩后不宜服用避孕药

Misunderstanding of the eight kinds of contraceptives

Misunderstanding of the eight kinds of contraceptives
Scared of getting your birth control pills do? In the enjoyment of safe sex at the same time, do you because you are deeply worried about taking the pill? It is there side effects? You should how to use it is correct?

Misunderstanding of contraceptives will increase the chances of cancer
In fact, oral contraceptives may provide additional protection, so that you can resist against cancer. Many studies have shown that women taking birth control pills a year later, was cut in half the chances of cervical cancer; while taking more than one year, you can make to reduce the chances of ovarian cancer, 40%; According to Taiwan statistics from a recent , women taking birth control pills Ten years later, the chances of breast cancer were not higher than that of women never take the drug. Cervical cancer is mainly sexually transmitted human papilloma virus, which caused no isolation of contraceptives, while women taking birth control pills are generally more active sex life, that is infected with the disease are at high risk, so easy to contraceptives misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding contraceptives will make people fat
The medical reports showed that women who regularly take birth control pills, and almost no women taking birth control pills, which increase or decrease in body weight there is no difference. Women, weight gain, in addition to age, physical reasons, mainly because of diet, sleep habits, etc., as well as anxiety and other mental reasons.

Misunderstanding contraceptives will reduce the sex drive
"As soon as the elimination of the fear of pregnancy, most women really will be more able to enjoy sexual fun." A well-known doctor. In fact, taking drugs and taking birth control methods are no different from anything else, but added a different birth control pills, there are some differences between, and some with the female hormonal cycle, birth control pills can increase libido.

Misunderstanding of contraceptives will increase the risk of stroke
World Health Association in August 1996 a report, cardiovascular disease and whether or not any relationship between taking birth control pills. The July 1996 "The new British Medical News" on the study also reached the same conclusion. The past two years have not yet seen any of the above conclusions rebuttal.

Misunderstanding of five you should stop taking contraceptives at age 35
in fact, for a healthy non-smoking women, she can until the medication until menopause. Because studies have indicated that the use of low-dose oral contraceptives in women, and no less than the same age as women not taking birth control pills have more health problems. Some doctors even suggested that his patient, at the age of 40 to re-start taking the pill, to complement the treatment of irregular menstruation and menopause syndrome.

Misunderstandings of contraceptives will reduce the chances of a pregnancy in the future
the general view is that, even if you stop the medication, that would take months or even longer to restore the hormonal cycle, that is, the chance of pregnancy decreased. This view is not correct, in fact, when the medication stops, will soon return to normal reproductive capacity, which, and what the differences are not taking birth control pills .

Misunderstandings 7 contraceptives cause emotional deterioration
Although the result of past high estrogen-containing birth control pills, has been considered to be caused by allergies and emotional low ebb of the culprit, but the new and improved in the hormone content of birth control pills should not be to cause emotional instability. From the clinical point of view, some women in the doctor's advice after taking the pill, there premenstrual syndrome, in fact, this is the reason the body is adjusting hormones.

Misunderstanding of eight should not taking contraceptives after got child

The mistake is to generalize this argument, there are a lot of mixed birth control pills may cause breast milk dried up, only progestogen-only contraceptives did not effect
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PostSubject: Re: 避孕药contraceptives   Tue Sep 14, 2010 6:51 pm

Some doctors even suggested that his patient, at the age of 40 to re-start taking the pill, to complement the treatment of irregular menstruation and menopause syndrome.

I think so Laughing
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