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 Toyota Prius by Tommi Kaira

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PostSubject: Toyota Prius by Tommi Kaira   Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:59 am

‘Green’ or ‘Eco’ cars are not big here yet but they soon will be. And when they do catch up, people would want to individualize their rides, just like what we have now. Tuning and personalisation will never die. So meet this Toyota Prius done by Tommi Kaira. Gorgeous ain’t it? Almost makes you want to have one even though Eco cars don’t appeal to you.

The Tommi Kaira Prius features a body-kit that includes a low front lip, big front air dams shaped like those of an Audi R8, thick rims, wide side skirts and a new redesigned rear bumper. The Toyota Prius may be the epitome of green cars but this converted model does not suggest green at all. The Prius logo is missing and together with that goes the discretion normally linked to the car. But the biggest offenders are the quad-tailpipes which do not, in any way whatsoever suggest “environmentally friendly”.

Our source suggested one word for this new phenomenon, eco-tuning, and it couldn’t be any more accurate. People expect car’s like the GT-R, Evo or Impreza STI to be tuned, it’s almost an offense to keep them stock but a Toyota Prius? Well there’s always a first time for everything, and if that first time looks as good as this, then it’s slowly going to be a fad. Like it or not.

If you’re a power hungry, sports car enthusiast, then eco-tuning is not for you. There are some in the tuning community who feel that the tuning of vehicles should just be left to cars like the R35 GT-R and such but fact of the matter is, environmentalists are slowly but surely winning. Powerful, fuel-hungry sports cars are great, but soon enough, they will also be forced to comply with environmental legislation’s, just like how supercar builders are forced to reduce their CO2 footprint and be environmentally friendly. So even if you’re a hardcore enthusiast, eco cars and eco-tuning is the future.

source - zorotohundred
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Toyota Prius by Tommi Kaira
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