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 Nvidia To Release Upgradable Laptop GPU Drivers Directly | NVIDIA将发布可直接升级笔记本电脑的GPU驱动程式

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PostSubject: Nvidia To Release Upgradable Laptop GPU Drivers Directly | NVIDIA将发布可直接升级笔记本电脑的GPU驱动程式   Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:32 am

Users with notebooks equipped with NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) now have the added flexibility of downloading upgradeable graphics drivers directly from NVIDIA.com so they can immediately take advantage of new features, improved application compatibility, and performance optimizations.

The first graphics driver release from NVIDIA will extend the NVIDIA CUDA architecture to notebook GPUs, enabling the growing number of consumers moving to a notebook-only lifestyle to immediately experience the wide range of CUDA-based applications-from GPU-accelerated game physics to GPU-accelerated video conversion.

"Epic and NVIDIA invest an incredible amount of time and energy into ensuring that customers get an amazing experience with our software out-of-the-box," said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games. "The only way to ensure that this value-add is realized by customers is for them to have access to timely driver updates. I congratulate NVIDIA for being the first to offer their customers a choice for notebook driver updates."

"NVIDIA is committed to giving the rapidly growing number of customers using notebook GPUs the same performance optimizations and innovative graphics features that desktop customers have grown accustomed to," said Dwight Diercks, vice president of software engineering at NVIDIA. "To accomplish this, we have worked diligently over the past year to modularize our driver architecture and develop a unified driver install package that will not only work with notebooks from all manufacturers but also maintain all of their specific model customizations such as hotkeys and suspend and resume functionality."

Starting today, customers with GeForce 8 and 9-series GPUs or Quadro NVS-equipped notebooks can download a BETA version of the drivers from www.nvidia.com . Customers will be able to download a WHQL-certified version supporting all GeForce 7, 8, and 9 series and Quadro NVS series notebook GPUs early next year.


第一个图形NVIDIA的驱动程序将延长释放使NVIDIA CUDA架构笔记本电脑GPU,使越来越多的消费者转向笔记本电脑,只是生活方式立即体验CUDA技术广泛的应用,从GPU加速游戏物理应用到GPU加速视频转换。

“大和NVIDIA投入,确保客户能够与我们的软件出的惊人体验的时间和精力难以置信的大量现成的,”Mark Rein表示,Epic Games公司副总裁。 “唯一的方法,以确保这项增值业务是为客户实现他们能够获得及时的驱动程序更新。我祝贺率先为客户提供用于笔记本的NVIDIA驱动程序更新的选择。”

“NVIDIA公司承诺给客户的迅速增多使用笔记本电脑GPU相同的性能优化和功能创新的图形桌面用户已经习惯于说:”德怀特Diercks,软件工程副总裁NVIDIA公司。 “要做到这一点,我们一直在过去一年努力,以模块化的驱动程序架构,并制定统一的驱动安装包,不仅与所有笔记本电脑制造商的工作,而且要继续保持,如热键,暂停和其具体模式自定义所有恢复功能。“

从今天开始,采用GeForce 8和9客户系列GPU或者Quadro视频服务器的笔记本电脑可以下载从www.nvidia.com司机的测试版。明年年初,客户将能够下载WHQL认证的版本,支持所有GeForce 7,8和9系列和Quadro NVS系列笔记本电脑GPU。

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Nvidia To Release Upgradable Laptop GPU Drivers Directly | NVIDIA将发布可直接升级笔记本电脑的GPU驱动程式
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